Stan Rosado







Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Brown


Stan's Dad

Marital Status

Dating Stokely Mitchell

Previously was dating Delilah Profitt

Portrayd by

Shawn Hatosy

At the beginning of the film, Stan is the school's star quarterback. He decides to quit football to focus on his studies and tells this to Delilah, who informs him that a studious wannabe and an intellect are not compatible. After she leaves the conversation, having wanly attempted to convince him to return to football, it is assumed they have broken up.

Stan then tells the coach he is quitting. The coach has no problem with this, saying as a human he should not berate the decision. Stan happily walks away.

Stan is shown to not be a bully when he engages two bullies in a short conversation. He then takes a shower and is confronted with one of the older faculty victims of the aliens, who did not take the heat of alien penetration well and is falling apart. He grabs off part of her scalp and throws it on the shower floor.