Zeke Tyler







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Zeke's Parents (names unknown)

Marital Status

Possibly dating Miss Elizabeth Burke

Portrayed by

Josh Hartnett

Zeke is arguably one of the most intelligent people in the school. He uses this intelligence to sell people "scat" and products he falsely hawks. He drives a cheap car, where he conducts much of his business. The car becomes an important part of the film.

Zeke is shown to know a lot, many times knowing the answer before others and confounding his teacher. However, his answers are somewhat sarcastic and casual, demonstrating that while he knows the answers, he will not put them to good use. Miss Burke sees his potential.

In the film, Zeke is repeating his senior year due to failing to follow through with finals.

Relationship with Miss Burke Edit

Miss Burke knows Zeke only needs to apply himself just a small amount and he would excel greatly. He does not appreciate her compliment to him and he tries to sell her chocolate Ex-Lax and then give her free cherry-flavored condoms, which makes her balk at his offer and quickly walk away, appalled at his rudeness. When she is taken over by aliens, she develops an attraction to Zeke. However, they seemingly have a clandestine relationship by the film's end.